Do Tech Giants Require Regulation of Environmental Practices?

2 min readMar 16, 2021

A discussion with Shira Ovide

Hi. I am Marty, a junior at Bard High School Early College Queens.

As climate change becomes an increasing reality, abundant resources and brainpower housed in large tech businesses are suitable for tackling this global issue. Many companies have pledged carbon neutrality- laying the groundwork for other green institutions. The pledge remains optimistic, yet can we trust these companies with the future of our planet?

I believe companies should be subject to environmental principles and regulations.

In the past, many of these companies have contributed to rising concerns about climate. These corporations expend exorbitant amounts of electricity, sell technology aiding the production of fossil fuel, and manufacture nonrecyclable devices. With this massive disregard of climate science, will tech companies uphold their claims of sustainability?

Financial reward exists as the primary objective of these companies. With the prowess and expanse of GAFA organizations, the risk of mass consumer abandonment remains low whether the companies green-ify their practices or not. These businesses provide convenience, retail gratification, and stimulation. Regardless of environmental position, Apple phones will still get purchased, Amazon Prime orders will be shipped. Climate is just not their priority.

Furthermore, the track record of many companies corroborates the need for governmental regulation. Corporations protested the implementation of privacy measures, swearing to protect our data. While this is hopefully largely true, dubious practices are common in GAFA products. Our data is nonconsensually tracked and traded as a product. Leaving privacy and climate measures unchecked allows for increasingly suspicious behavior, with no method of control.

The freedom to self-create environmental plans could demonstrate these companies’ morality and improve a technological society, or it could permit an unregulated climate and data disaster to ruin our world.

What method do you predict will be most effective in changing big tech’s effect on climate change?